JQA Quality Accreditation Services

JQA Quality Accreditation Services is a internationally recognized, nongovernmental, independent, limited company.  JQA operates voluntary accreditation services.

JQA Quality Accreditation Services is an independent, international accreditation body and non-profitable board responsible for providing accreditation for Certification bodies/ Agencies in the fields of Management system certifications, Training Organizations, Inspection bodies. JQA Accreditation demonstrates the impartiality, competence and independence of these organizations. Just does not perform certification.

JQA is Independent, Impartial organization formed to help certification and third party inspection bodies/ agencies to improve their services at very competitive fees.

JQA accredit certification bodies/ agencies after achieving compliance to ISO 17021 and thereby improving their management system. This help the CB’s to maintain the quality of Management system certification has been restored